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OEM Production of Original Goods
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Merits in having ORBIC do the OEM
We are well prepared to manufacture products of your choice by taking advantage of ORBIC's fine manufacturing technology developed through its long years of experience.
Main Trading Partners
China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Korea, Germany, Italy, USA, Israel, South America, South Africa, Dubai
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Transaction Flow
STEP1 Inquiries
We appreciate your communication via telephone, facsimile, or e-mail. Once we have received and confirmed your inquiries, we will contact you to schedule a kick-off meeting for further business details. Please feel free to reach us at your convenience.
Inquiry Form
STEP2 Meeting
We discuss details such as your company's distribution channels, business concepts and targets. We also confirm with you about the budget, product materials, lot size, delivery deadline and other important items. If you can provide us with design drawing(s) at the meeting, we can start the sample production promptly.
STEP3 Sample Production
We make as many modifications as you wish through your review of the sample in CAD or design drawing, before we go into the production of the final prototype.
STEP4 Fee Estimate & Delivery Date
After all of the specifications have been confirmed, we present the final fee estimate and delivery date to you.
STEP5 Production & Delivery
The approximate time required from proposal to delivery is 2 months at the shortest although it depends on the amount of time to determine the final specifications as well as the number of products manufactured.
ORBIC's Past Performance in OEM
ORBIC's Past Performance in OEM image
ORBIC's Past Performance in OEM image
ORBIC's Past Performance in OEM image
Our Business title
Our Business01
TradespaceWe introduce to you the projects of ORBIC continuing challenging itself to create new futures.
Our Business02
OEMspaceYou can trust us to manufacture original products. We are here to help your company create bright future.
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