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Recruiting Information
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Recruiting Information
Job Listings Designers
Design of Clothing and Other Apparel-related Goods
Design of Motorcycle Parts and Packages
Design of WEB Icons, etc.
Production of Catalogs, Advertisings, etc.
Qualification Requirements Applicants must have a minimum of a high school degree.
Designers with experience using Mac, Illustrator, and Photoshop
*Available to all technical categories. Applicants with two or more years of experience are desirable.
*Graduates of technical schools or junior colleges in March 2011 as well as recent graduates are welcome to apply.
Working Hours 9:00 am through 20:00 pm Note: There is some overtime work.
Holidays 6 days per month Note: Alternate Saturdays are working days.
Contact Personnel Yoshida
TEL +81-4-7186-6800
*All applicants' personal information submitted to us shall be used solely for the purpose of our selection process.
*We always keep absolute secrecy and handle the entire information provided by all applicants with extreme care.
*We are happy to consider applicants' preferences for the date(s) of joining our company.
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