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Trade (Import / Export)
Trade (Import / Export) image
What is ORBIC's Trade like?
With its main trade partners in as many as 13 countries in the world, ORBIC has a good track record in offering goods as well as various trade process services.

In order to meet the special needs of customers which major trading firms often have difficulty procuring, ORBIC makes a sufficient proposal through close coordination with multiple foreign suppliers.

Although there are often cases where the products based on foreign standards do not match the needs of Japanese customers, ORBIC is capable of researching the relevant Japanese regulations and standards as well as providing support in acquiring appropriate certifications, if necessary.
Main Trading Partners
China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Korea, Germany, Italy, USA, Israel, South America, South Africa, Dubai
Transaction Flow image
Transaction Flow
STEP1 Selection of Products & Business Partners
(Markets and Companies)

spaceIMPORT : We determine the appropriate products to purchase based on the domestic consumption trend and your company's production plan with focus on what types of goods are really necessary. Subsequently, we find and select possible candidates for suppliers.
space EXPORT : We determine the best products to sell overseas out of your company's product range by considering which products have advantageous characteristics even in foreign markets. We then implement effective PR activities for abroad to find potential customers. If there come up any business inquiries to buy your company's products, we review them to decide whether to do business.
STEP2 Contractual Negotiation & Execution of Agreement
spaceTrade Negotiation : We discuss and agree on a number of contractual terms including the product price, settlement currency, method and date of payment, quality and amount, logistics and timing of delivery, packaging requirements, methodology and timing of inspection, after-sales service, treatment of PL, approach to address problems in potential disputes, and others.
Because of the long-distance transportation as opposed to domestic transactions, it is also necessary to enter into an agreement regarding trade terms and conditions such as location of delivery and product liability insurance to clarify the apportionment of responsibilities between trade partners in cases of product loss or other troubles in transit.
spaceExecution of Agreement : Once both parties agree on the items discussed in the above negotiation, we prepare and execute the English-language agreements in line with general international contracts.
STEP3 Securement of Transportation & Shipment into Bonded Area (Chartering and Customs Brokers)
spaceWe secure the means of transportation such as reservation of shipping space by using chartering (customs) brokers, and obtain insurance against in-transit accidents. When these preparations are complete, the cargo is carried into the bonded area for customs clearance.
STEP4 Customs Clearance & Shipment and Conveyance of Products (Chartering and Customs Brokers)
spaceNormally it is the responsibility of the exporter to handle the export customs clearance and shipping procedures though it varies according to contractual terms. Subsequent to the cross-border transportation, import customs clearance is conducted under the responsibility of the importer. Today, applications pertaining to customs clearing are usually processed online.
STEP5 Settlement & Cargo Pickup
spaceImporter makes payment and takes the cargo. Please note that the timing of the settlement varies according to contract terms (i.e., advance payment, L/C settlement, future payment, etc.).
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TradespaceWe introduce to you the projects of ORBIC continuing challenging itself to create new futures.
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OEMspaceYou can trust us to manufacture original products. We are here to help your company create bright future.
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